Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stop wasting recycling.

Image result for rubbish             Hi today I'm blogging about how you can't go for a walk anywhere without seeing rubbish so today I'm going to be inspiring you all today stop people around you to stop dropping rubbish anywhere that you like we have  rubbish bins for a good reason and one of them is to use your rubbish bins and also reuse some things that you can recall so please tell people around you to do this if your not already  and if you don't take this serious well then watch a video on youtube about too much rubbish in the sea and then see how bad it is and most things you can recall most of the rubbish.Image result for way too much rubbish

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Refugee questions and answers

Hi so today I'm going to be showing you guys my Refugee work so my teacher has asked me and my class this questions and then we are meant to answer them and so here are my answers and the best way to see it better is if you click on
what will be on the right corner right next to the                  ⇨
share button so here a photo of the part. thank you.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Our new inquiry A Wast Of Time 2018

Hey this is my inquiry slide and it tells you about what my group did there are 7 people in my group who are Mika Mia Bridget Donathen Toby Emmon and also counts me too so 7  so here's the slide

Thank you for waiting and listing to what I have to say and tell you about my things what I do in class.

Friday, August 24, 2018

my speech 2018

All students should wear uniforms  

Hi i’m Shay today i’m going to be talking to you about. should all students wear uniforms  Well I think that all students should wear uniforms first because. You may be on a trip or something with your school and you may go out in public and then you will be repasten your school and   also sometimes after school if you go somewhere your repastening your school then too . reason two it saves money too because your parents don't have to go out and buy lots and lots of clothes just so you can go to school . and it will save money so your family can pay  this stuff bills and your family needs also food money.

and that's my speech what i did in front of year 5 and 6 in my class on Monday and it was fun but i was scared to do it but i did it but it was bad.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Math whizz

Hi this week at school in math my group did some math whizz if you don't know what math whizz
is continue reading this page of math whizz to know what it is so first thing you should know is that it is a website all about math and games the math part of the website is fun in different ways and of course  the game is fun too and you can also have pets what you will need to feed so they can stay alive and you also have an office room were you do math whizz but you need 10 mins on math whizz to unlock your pets room and here's
 the logo of math whizz  Image result for math whizz logoand it helps our math and its fun  too. THANK YOU BY SHAY

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

friday is fun because ...

Friday is fun because...       Friday is very fun why I will show you same things what make my Friday so so so so much fun   

1/  because I love Friday sports and I do hockey and I love love love hockey so much so that makes my day.

2/  it the last school day of the week yay that makes my whole weekend especially when we win Friday sports whats like every Friday whats good  

3/  it just my fav day of the week and Tuesday is too and of course, I like the day Saturday not so much Sunday. 


Friday, June 29, 2018

Wild animal attack at yms

here is my stroy what i did about 2 weeks ago so here it is Wild animal attack at yms

On tuesday 13th of june an 15 year old rino got out of his cage and excpt out of orana wildlife park in christchurch and then he went for a walk down the road  and he had to end up in yaldhurst model school and the kid were outside for their break time.

And all the kids saw the rhino running into the playground and all of the kids ran into the closet classrooms  to the playground and then the school went into lock down time for two hours the kid were serred and were really terrified.

After all that the pinsteablol called the zookeeper  and the zookeeper said that they have no idea of how the rhino got out of the cage because there were no damned to the cage but it good that not all of them got out and the zookeeper said that the rhinos will get moved into a new cage so we can look at the cage to see if there is anything wrong with the cage.

And the zoo said it WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN and if it does it will not leave the zoo.  I am so sorry for scaring the kids in that school.

After all that happened  we are going to figure out how the rhino got  out and make it so the rhino can not get out again.